Workshops appeal to clients from all walks of life. Some attend for personal healing and others for professional reasons. The primary intention in all courses is to create a safe space for clients to know themselves deeply and to heal. Self-knowledge is a vital ingredient in the development of the whole human being and the compassionate, effective healer. The courses combine theoretical study with experiential exercises. This enables the learning to become understood and remembered. Small class size allows students to learn from each other while developing trust and friendships.

To Register for Upcoming Workshops

Email  or Phone: 519-630-6758

Sound Healing

Sound is energy we hear. Energy is vibration . We are all vibratory beings, each dancing to our own beat. When all of our organs are singing their song in harmony, we are in a state of wellness. Call or email for next dates for workshops.

Taste of Energy Healing

Would you like to learn how to release anxiety, have more energy
and sleep better at night?

These hands-on techniques from Healing Touch help you to achieve your goals by using your heart and hands. For over 30 years people have benefited from these proven techniques.

This 4 week session is focused on Self -Care techniques to improve your energy level, boost your immune system and create more joy in your life. One of the main skills you will learn is how to use your heart to send energy to your hands to heal yourself. 

This 4  week online workshop is $97 CAD
(Pay only $77 each CAD when you sign up with a friend)

Full Moon Rituals

Come to release the heaviness of the world that you may be feeling.
Meditate with the energy of the Full Moon to create more Love in this world!
Activate the energy of the Full Moon by creating a sanctuary of peace in a pyramid symbol of connection to your higher power.

This is a Transformational Shamanic Meditation to release what no longer serves you and to move towards what inspires you with more confidence. It is like a Spiritual reboot of calmness and peacefulness.



CINDY PALAJAC, Hon. B.A., Dip. Adult Ed., HTCI
Healing Touch Certified Instructor of Levels 1-5
HTP Advance Practice Instructor
Certified Sacred Depths Practitioner
Certified Sacred Depths Coach
Certified Sound Healing Practitioner
Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner
Shamanic Journey Distance Healing


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