Healing Touch Level 4


Practitioner concepts for Healing Touch in a practice setting, business concepts, ethics and standards, documentation of sessions, case management, and integration of HT activities within the community. Self care, mentorship, two new techniques (Etheric Vitality/ Full Body Connection), and preparation for course completion at Level 5 and certification are included in the curriculum. All students will partner with another student to experience and document a series of HT sessions as part of learning case management process.

Upcoming Dates 2019-2020: London, Vancouver & Ottawa 

(Early Bird Fee is $697 when Deposit of $200 is paid 2 months in advance. Seniors/Students Rate is $497 inclusive of discounts. Additional fee for Accommodations & Food is around $300 – $400)

London, ON: April 4-5, 2020

Vancouver, BC: June of 2021

Ottawa, ON: 2020 Date to be determined.

HT Level 4 — You will learn:

  • How to further your Healing Touch practice and move toward Program Completion
  • Deepening your understanding of becoming and being a Practitioner
  • How to manage a case by doing a case study during class and learning through the experiences of others in your class
  • How to work through professional issues that may arise during your practice
  • The Full Body Connection – a technique that provides a full body balance and connection to help restore and relieve congestion in the physical and energetic field
  • Etheric Vitality Meditation – a powerful centering process for the practitioner as it opens the channel for connecting with the Universal Energy Flow

To register Email  or Phone: 519-630-6758

Tuition: Regular $797, Early Bird Registration $697 (Deposit of $200 paid two months in advance.) Students/Seniors $497

Mentorship/Coaching after the course in completed to achieve Certification and start your business: $50/month for one year or $500 paid in full


Course Level


Monday - Friday
10am - 6pm

By appointment only


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