Healing Touch Level 2 – ONLINE ZOOM TRAINING

APRIL 17-18, 2021 or OCT. 16-17, 2021

Have you ever hurt your BACK? Have you ever experienced Heart ache? Well then this course is for you! 

Healing Touch Back Techniques and Opening up your Heart with the Spiral Meditation are fabulous tools to add to your healer’s tool box. These new techniques taught at Level 2 also are done in a one hour format so that the client totally gets to relax and receive the full treatment.



Feeling rusty on your Level 1 techniques? No problem! They are reviewed and practiced before you start learning the new techniques. One technique builds on the other.

During this course you are also taught how to do a consent form, intake interview and document the one hour session. This is the beginning of learning how to develop a professional healing touch business.

You will come away with the experience and knowledge of “how to” do a complete one hour session. From introducing yourself to the client and preparing yourself for the session to doing an intake interview, treating the client, documenting the results and closing the sacred treatment with a plan for future treatments.

Discussion is also held on releasing energy and keeping your energy field clear. Healers tend to be empathic and pick up other people’s energies and we teach you how to release those. Specific health challenges and illnesses will also be addressed with solutions of Healing Touch treatments that work best in different scenarios.

Prerequisite:  Compassionate and caring individuals who have taken Level 1 of Healing Touch.

Upcoming Courses: Level 2 is $497 and a $100 deposit is due at registration time.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT is $50 off price when you sign up a month before the start date of the course. Fee becomes $447. Senior/Student Rate and Repeaters is $297. 

Email me if you would like a class in your area. One on one and small group workshops are available during the week.

ONLINE ZOOM TRAINING ON: APRIL 17-18, 2021 or OCT. 16-17, 2021

TIME:  10 AM – 7 PM EDT

To register : Email  cpalajac@rogers.com or Phone: 519-630-6758

Level 2 Course Objectives:

  • Review techniques from Level 1 Healing Touch
  • Discuss applying specific techniques for specific health challenges
  • Develop a Self Care plan as a Healer
  • Assessment Process: consent, intake interview and documentation forms
  • Healing Techniques: One-Hour Healing Sequence, Heart Centered Spiral Meditation, Back Treatment with Vertebral Spiral and Hopi Techniques, Attributes of the Heart Meditation, Modified Mind Clearing, Scudder Relaxation Technique
  • Legal and professional aspects of touch therapies: Ethics & Scope of Practice

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