By Cindy Palajac, HTCP/I
Healing Touch Instructor and Practitioner

Taming the Inner Critic was a talk I attended at a Healing Touch Conference recently. We were reminded continuously that our purpose is to “shine” our “light”. The speaker who stood out for me in delivering that message was Karen Drucker.
Karen has the humour of Carol Burnett and the learned love of singing from Carole King. She used to babysit Carole King’s children and was mentored by Carole. Karen loved going to watch the Carol Burnett show and once won a “Tarzan calling” contest on the show. Her motivational topic “Taming the Inner Critic” was fun, experiential and motivating. When we take risks and when we move our businesses forward we need to Tame the Inner Critic. Her song “I am taming the inner critic” is hilarious.

“I am taming my inner critic, I am winning over the inner critic, From now on I win, You are yesterday’s NEWS, Knowing my worth has set me FREE! Final words – back off!!” Karen Drucker

Karen has given her inner critic a name, Zelda. When “Zelda” pops up in her mind she encourages her to get a latte and People magazine and go sit in a corner.

Other ways she keeps her “Zelda” silent are to:
1. Keep testimonies close to you when doing something new.
2. Tell “Zelda” to get out of the way, “Back Off”.
3. Practice deep breathing especially when going to STRETCH outside your comfort zone.
4. Remember your Purpose is to “SHIINE” your “LIGHT”.
5. Repeat the mantra … “The truth about me that I know is that I am ….” (enough, gifted, healer etc.)
6. Repeat: “I know you are there. I hear what you say. But that is simply not my truth TODAY. “
7. Ask myself “What do I need to say or sing to myself RIGHT now? My choices change my situation ..
“All is well , I can rest, I am safe , All is well .” This song creates PEACE within.
What is the name of your inner critic? I have named mine “Grumpy Greta”. When I am silencing my inner critic I set my GPS to recalculate my words, change the direction of my thoughts and start listening to uplifting songs that remind me to love myself more and to listen to my heart more.
How can you silence your inner critics? Do the exercises above and also: 1. Sing your favourite childhood song (This little light of mine), 2. Sing your name to yourself or 3. Play one of Karen Drucker’s songs like I am “Healed, Whole and Healthy”, “Blessing to the World”, “Face of God” or “The Healing Song”. All these songs are on her “Heart of Healing” cd.

I encourage you to go to her website to find out more about her cd’s and her book “Let Go of the Shore”. Karen Drucker’s music and stories will inspire you to stay motivated.