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I love my oils and diffuse them daily. It is so relaxing to fall asleep to Serenity in my Diffuser. During the day Peppermint is rocking my world for muscle pain, cypress for varicose veins and Grapefruit is making sure my legs do not swell when I am flying to teach my workshops.

Needing HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS?  For over 30 years I have found these products to be very effective in getting results for my clients. They continue to amaze me in how efficiently and effectively they help people. If you have health issues around weight loss, a weak immune system, constipation or parasites these products will be beneficial. Check out Pure Trim Supplements at


I highly recommend these CD’s excellent choice for guided meditation for all levels of experience. I have meditated for many years and I have incorporated Cindy’s CD’s into my practices they are my favorites that I repeatedly drawn to (“ball of light “, “rainbow light “and “tree meditation are ones I do daily ). Cindy’s calm and soothing voice brings you on a journey of restoration. She uses different techniques like using positive affirmations, breathing techniques and visual descriptions. Her five minute mediations are practical I have used them during my work day for more energy or to manage stress .Even my husband usually can’t clear his mind and never thought he could meditate , is able to  enjoy these 5 minute meditations. Susan Read, Montreal, Quebec

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