In my last newsletter I encouraged you to “shine your light”. As the season changes from summer to fall we can sometimes feel that our light gets impacted by our inner critic chatter. This newsletter is about creating a shift when you hear that inner critic. Every time I stretch, grow or change in my career or personal life I can hear the inner critic saying, “Who do you think you are?”

Our inner critics want us to stay safe, secure and small. Everytime we stretch outside our comfort zone our inner critic screams, yells and encourages us to procrastinate.
How can you combat all that chatter. Here are two different tools for you to choose from. I have personally found them both useful. They are from  Karen Drucker’s book “Let Go of the Shore”. She talks to her inner critic (aloud or silently) and says:
FACE IT:  “I know you are there. I hear what you say. But that is simply not my truth TODAY. “ Facing our inner critic and talking to it decreases it’s power over you. Rather than attempting to override the critic with affirmations, face it, call it by name and take your power back. Focus on the bigger plan.
TRUTH MANTRA: Another technique to follow up after facing your inner critic is to repeat the mantra: … “The truth about me that I know is ………. I am ….”
For example, “The truth about me that I know is that I am doing my best and I am amazing. “
Next time you are going after a new challenge and your inner critic pops up have a heart-to-heart, use these tools and keep “shining your light”.  

I encourage you to go to her website to find out more about her cd’s and her book “Let Go of the Shore”. Karen Drucker’s music and stories will inspire you to stay motivated.