Client Testimonials

“Cindy saved my life! About 12 years ago, I had mystery symptoms that took almost a year to be diagnosed by Doctors. This scary disease was said to be fatal. With Cindy’s confident guidance and treatments I am still here and fully cured within 3 years! My rheumatologist said “Well whatever you are doing, it is working. You don’t need me anymore.” Thanks Cindy!”

– Anne W.

I have had an amazing experience with Cindy – she is a true healer and teacher and has intentions only to love and share her teaching. Experience was comfortable and results have been fantastic with only 3 sessions – I recommend her and I would see her again!”

– Ashley T.

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CINDY PALAJAC, Hon. B.A., Dip. Adult Ed., HTCI
Healing Touch Certified Instructor of Levels 1-5
HTP Advance Practice Instructor
Certified Sacred Depths Practitioner
Certified Sacred Depths Coach
Certified Sound Healing Practitioner
Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner
Shamanic Journey Distance Healing


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