– a Poem – Paramedic Nat Mar.20/2020


The time has come to turn the key;

For home has beckoned you and me.

A gift to quiet restless souls;

To balance out our human roles.

The heroes once who did it all;

Have help from many hands on-call.

Despair finds ease when streets are calm;

There’s time to pause when clocks are gone.

You may be asking why? Why now?

A virus breaks our last strong bow?

Well, mortal strength can’t last that long;

No human words could right this wrong.

While fire, storms and endless rain;

Foreshadowed earth’s exhausted pain.

We marched together voices loud;

But couldst displace pollution’s cloud.

We needed force beyond belief;

To call us home for some relief.

For when we have no choice but time;

Souls and nature will align.

Our creatures now explore new places;

Revelling in open spaces.

Murky waters start to clear;

And dolphins beautifully appear.

Music drifts down empty streets;

Where people used to always meet.

A balcony becomes a row;

Of seats to mankind’s newest show.

This won’t be easy heaven knows;

A seed does break before it grows.

But earth deserves some me-time too,

It’s not just about me and you.

She battled hard for far too long,

So please go home and right this wrong.

For those who can’t we’ve got your back,

Grateful to pick up the slack.

So rest your heart’s with family,

And celebrate resiliency.

….For home has beckoned you and me.