Healing Journey


(from the CD called Healing Journey)

This is a healing journey

This is a sacred path

A path that leads us inward

To dance the sacred dance


This is a healing journey

We walk it one by one

Each woman and each man alone

To the sound of the distant drum


This is a healing journey

It winds a stormy path

Through the fear and joy and anger

Sorrows from the past


This is a healing journey

And when the heart is clear

You can hear the winds that rustle

As heaven’s breath draws near


Breathe into the sorrow

Breathe into the fear

Breathe into the anger

Breathe into the tears

Breathe into the loneliness

Breathe into the joy

Breathe in with the breath of life

And let your heart take voice


This is a healing journey

From blindness into sight

Through the valley of uncertainty

Where darkness turns to light


This is a healing journey

It is the gift of nature’s way

To open up our hearts

To see the scheme within the play.

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