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Relax this Summer Workshops

Sacred Heart Meditation  Are you looking to be more peaceful? Calmer? Come see how meditating can achieve that goal.  Wanting to connect to your heart?  Learn something new like walking meditations ?  Increase your intuition?  Feel more relaxed?  book one on one sessions or come to a group session email ongoing sessions to accommodate your schedule Wednesdays JUNE 8, 15, 22, 29 7-8 pm  Fee $20 London, ON  

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Ho’oponopono Prayer

Loving the simplicity of this prayer and the power to change my thoughts from judgment to kindness. This simple yet powerful prayer has impacted many around the world. As you say the prayer remember you are speaking to the Divine. The Universal source energy of your spiritual belief and it loves you in your imperfections and for who you are in this moment. Use this prayer daily to return to a place of peacefulness and serenity. “I love, I thank…

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Faith is a Place of Mystery

Faith is a place of mystery where we find the COURAGE to BELIEVE in what we cannot see and the strength to let go of our fear of uncertainty.  Dr. Brene Brown As we enter into the holiday season may we be grateful for our life, our energy tools from Healing Touch  and the ability to be present with our family and friends. Christmas is the season to make peace and be a peacemaker. It is the season of “peace…

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Attitude of Gratitude

October is a month that reminds me to be thankful and grateful. What are you Grateful for _____, when are you Grateful ______ and how can you demonstrate your gratefulness ________________. Attitude of Gratitude – is a daily practice that will help you appreciate what you have, be open to new opportunities and feel joy in your heart. I know that when I practice gratitude my energy shifts and I feel more warmth in my heart.Here is a simple exercise…

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Kick Your Inner Chatter Goodbye this Fall Season

In my last newsletter I encouraged you to “shine your light”. As the season changes from summer to fall we can sometimes feel that our light gets impacted by our inner critic chatter. This newsletter is about creating a shift when you hear that inner critic. Every time I stretch, grow or change in my career or personal life I can hear the inner critic saying, “Who do you think you are?” Our inner critics want us to stay safe, secure and…

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Taming the Inner Critic

By Cindy Palajac, HTCP/I Healing Touch Instructor and Practitioner Taming the Inner Critic was a talk I attended at a Healing Touch Conference recently. We were reminded continuously that our purpose is to “shine” our “light”. The speaker who stood out for me in delivering that message was Karen Drucker. Karen has the humour of Carol Burnett and the learned love of singing from Carole King. She used to babysit Carole King’s children and was mentored by Carole. Karen loved going…

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The Benefits of Healing Touch

What can you achieve from a Healing Touch session? Reduced pain Increased flexibility of joints Reduced anxiety and stress Increased sense of peace and calmness Reduced emotional trauma Increased recovery time from surgery and trauma Strengthens your immune system Eliminates insomnia Lessens the side effects of chemotherapy Develops more energy throughout the day Deepens your spiritual connection Supports life transitions in the dying process Do any of the above sound like something you could benefit from? A Healing Touch session…

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