Feel Inspired and Recharged with Healing Touch

“Cindy was able to help me with my anxiety issues in one session. I no longer have panic attacks.” SM, London, ON

“When I became sick, people just treated my symptoms. Cindy was able to find the cause of my illness and my healing started. She is a very gifted and intuitive healer.” AW, London, ON

Are you tired, feeling fatigued and lacking energy?

As a Client Increase Your Energy to:

Live life to the fullest

Have energy at the end of your work day for you

Have more FUN in your life.

Healer Training or Self Heal Training to:

Energize the immune system 

Bring harmony to all your body organs

Balance your mind and body to work in unison

Learn how to Meditate to:

Quiet your mind and listen to your spirit through meditation

Slow down & Calm your heart rate and  your breathing

Ground your energy with the Earth and connect to your spirit

Book a one on one coaching session.

Cindy Palajac, Hon. B.A., Dip. Adult Ed., HTCP, HTCI
Healing Touch Certified Practitioner & Instructor
Certified Access Bars Facilitator
Past President of Healing Touch Association of Canada (HTAC)
Secretary of CHTF


Monday - Friday
10am - 6pm

By appointment only


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